LatAm INVESTOR Features

  • Latin America’s Insurers

    With an expanding market and several dynamic economies Latin America’s insurance market looks promising.


  • The return of Mesoamerica

    LatAm INVESTOR speaks to Luis Antonio Velasquez Quiroa, former Guatemalan Minister of the Economy, and Erasmo Sanchez, former Vice Minister of Agriculture Luis Velasquez Yes this Mesoamerican region of Central America and southern Mexico is very important. We realise that the world is changing, it is increasingly becoming important to be part of a bloc.… Continue reading The return of Mesoamerica


  • Made in Mexico

    Workshop of the Americas Over the last twenty years Mexico has become a formidable export power. Indeed it is unique in that it is the only major Latin American economy to derive more than 50% of its export earnings from manufactured goods. What’s makes this even more impressive is that Mexico has managed to do… Continue reading Made in Mexico